School & Community Groups

The Westchester Italian Cultural Center’s school & community group visits are designed in collaboration with teachers, community organizers, students and families to create an active learning environment. Our goal is to engage all participants in meaningful experiences with Italian art and culture. Opportunities are available for school, community, and non-profit groups of all ages. Our programs will stand out and make your visit unique and enjoyable!

School Groups

Through guided discussions and demonstrations, our educators encourage students to apply critical thinking skills. In doing so, they gain an appreciation for the fine arts, as well as the Italian culture and traditions. Students learn to look carefully at works of art and other examples of Italian culture throughout the program. They are given the opportunity to articulate their thoughts and opinions. Schools travel from all over the tri-state area, the farthest being Massachusetts, to experience our unparalleled programming. Let us show you the programs schools use to engage their students year after year!

Community Groups

Girl Scout troops, senior citizen living centers and Relay for Life groups are just some of the groups who have experienced our unique programing!