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  • Latest Past Events

    Venice: The Most Improbable of Cities… Part 1

    Presented by Carla Gambescia. Discover some of Venice’s many secrets and celebrate the city of myth, mystery, might and majesty. This capacious topic will be presented in two 45 minute lecture / slideshows: Part 1: Wednesday, May 21 at 7pm From its inauspicious beginnings at the end of the Roman empire as a lagoon-based refugee encampment to […]


    Fashion & Beauty in Ancient Rome

    Presented by Marisa Horowitz-Jaffe. In ancient Roman times, beauty and fashion were as relevant as they are now. Whether Empress or farmer, both men and women had styles that changed throughout the decades. Discover what items would be in your closet 2,500 years ago, as well as the "newest" toga, hairstyle, and makeup trends throughout […]


    Italian Geniuses & Colorful Personalities

    Presented by Carla Gambescia. Has anyone demonstrated genius throughout history quite like the Italians? From antiquity to the present, from realms of the arts & sciences to the art of “la dolce vita”, Italians, more than any other people have profoundly shaped our worldview and how we live. Through an engaging interactive Q & A format led […]